Introducing XL 1200 Sliver Can

Introducing XL 1200 Sliver Can

The extra large (XL) sliver can with a diameter of 1200 mm is the newest addition to the family of sliver cans. The sliver cans are an essential component of the overall yarn manufacturing procedure. From different levels of automation to storage and transportation, the sliver cans are used in each and every stage of cotton collection, processing, and production. The XL 1200 is an extremely efficient series of sliver cans manufactured by Jumac that has successfully upgraded the sliver yarn production procedure, thereby making the whole process cost-effective.

The XL 1200 jumbo sliver cans confirm to be advantageous in many ways during the production and processing of sliver feeds.

  • Fewer cans- The XL 1200 sliver cans are directly associated with higher productivity as the cans have room to accommodate 25% more sliver at a time. The XL 1200 is an effective substitution for several sliver cans of smaller dimensions. Thus, movement of only fewer cans is required during each stage of sliver production.
  • Cost efficiency- The XL 1200 sliver can have proved to be cost-effective in more than one way. Movement of a lesser number of cans within the production plant impacts the amount of labor required. This way, major spinning houses have successfully been able to curtail a significant amount of labor cost by embracing the jumbo XL 1200 sliver cans.
  • Optimization of slivers- In the spinning industry wastage of sliver is considered as one of the biggest challenges. From filling to carding and coiling, the jumbo cans ensure lesser sliver wastage as the slivers are less exposed to manual and machine handling conditions. It is also effective in lessening potential error locations. The reduced air consumption of the XL 1200 cans ensures an uncompromised yarn quality.
  • Time efficiency- Since the XL 1200 sliver cans are capable of holding more sliver, it radically decreases the downtime during changing of cans, filling, transportation, sliver piercings, etc. Though the run time of machines gets slightly higher in some cases, the overall energy consumption of the machines becomes less as compared to the timing when more sliver cans is fitted.
  • Maintenance- The XL 1200 does not require any special maintenance routine and also increases card efficiency.

Due to these reasons, the modern cards, draw frames and combers have suitable roving frames for the XL 1200 sliver cans. In a bid to improve yarn quality and productivity, several features are added to the XL 1200, for instance-


The LED band– For identification purpose, the XL 1200 sliver cans come with long-lasting LED bands that support visualization from long distances.

The Colour Palette– The XL 1200 jumbo sliver cans are available in multiple exciting color schemes that give them an attractive look.

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