Casters – Giving Wheels To Your Spinning Dreams

Casters – Giving Wheels To Your Spinning Dreams

Casters are wheels that function on a spindle. The caster wheels contribute immensely to the proper functioning of the sliver can. The sliver cans are used extensively for transporting sliver on the floor within the production plant. The caster wheels fitted at the bottom of these cans facilitate smooth movement in less time.

The caster wheels have a central kingpin that is fixed with the bottom plate of the sliver cans. Sometimes, the sturdy structure of the bottom plate and rims, which are usually galvanized metals, has provisions for caster fittings. In other cases, the casters are custom fitted. Either way, it is ensured that the sliver cans are easy to load & unload at various stages of sliver production. The caster wheels also prevent loaded sliver cans from any potential tipping. In a modern spinning mill, the sliver cans always come fitted with caster wheel; irrespective of the production stage or volume of the can.

Benefits of caster wheels:

The main advantage of caster wheels is its mobility, which makes it suitable for spinning industry also. Along with the bottom plates of the cans, the caster wheels also provide support to the sliver cans.

Pioneer Casters Wheels

Types of caster wheel fittings:

Two types of caster wheels are commonly fitted with the sliver cans-

  • Rigid casters– These caster wheels have a fixed fork and stopper, allowing movement in a straight direction only.
  • Swivel casters- These are more preferred over rigid casters as they have the capacity to rotate 360 degrees, thereby facilitating easy movement of the sliver cans in any direction.

Casters Wheels

A few things to note while selecting caster wheels for sliver cans:

  • Fittings- It must be ensured that the caster fitting arrangements are of highest quality. Else they may give way after a short period of time and need replacement or make the sliver cans non-functional.
  • Quality- The next important thing is the quality of the caster wheels. The wheels must be strong enough to bear the load of the sliver. Usually, two types of caster wheels are widely used for sliver cans- the PP (Polypropylene) and Nylon 6
  • Size- The size of casters matter too, as different sizes of sliver cans require different types of casters. This is why leading manufacturers of spares and accessories of sliver cans offer a wide range of casters for spinning cans.
  • Maintenance- For smooth and efficient handling of sliver cans on the floor, it is necessary that the caster wheels are not damaged by fluff ingress. Thus technologically upgraded fluff- free casters are used.

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